Our Staff

Alex Wolf - Con Chair
About Alex Wolf

Alex Wolf

Con chair I am one of the two current heads of the con. Former website developer, I steped up when the previous head wished to pass on the mantle.

Midnight Enigma-Saffron - Con Chair
About Midnight Enigma-Saffron

Midnight Enigma-Saffron

Hi, I am Midnight Enigma-Saffron I am the other Con Chair and was also part of the Website Dev Team And Moderation Team for PoniesOnline in 2020. The Chairs from 2020 wanted to pass the con on and, along with Alex, I decided to step up and take the mantle. I have also been Staff/Department Head for several others cons over the years, like BronyCon and MLP-MSP F just to name a couple

Pat - Operations Director
About Pat


Operations expert and previous head of Ponies Oniline, i’m a comedian, reviewer, art annalists and so much more but i’m more well know in the robot combat fandom, but i’m hear to lead a helping hoof

Denabella - Public Relations
About Denabella


Public relations director of PoniesOnline. I’m also a voice actor in the fandom, an aspiring singer/songwriter, and an over all kinda chill person.

Retro - Chief of Staff
About Retro


My name is Retro I am the Head of Security for the Ponies Online Convention. I have nine years worth of convention experience across multiple different conventions. I primarily do security work for cons but I try to dabble with other things as well~

Omegacreeper - Security
About Omegacreeper


Hey I’m Omega and I’m helping with security here at PoniesOnline plus some extra little things here and there. I’ve helped with moderation at other online cons including PonyFest Online and Quantum SEAPonyCon. I also do other stuff I guess idk look at my Twitter

Blue Prism - Secretary
About Blue Prism

Blue Prism

Secretary of PoniesOnline and aspiring VTuber in college. In charge of writing notes and creating art for the con. May be obsessed with KPOP

Golden Heart - Web Dev
About Golden Heart

Golden Heart

Hello!! I am Golden Heart. I am the Web Dev here and for St. Louis Crystal Fair(CFStL) I am also the Lead A/V for CFStL. I am an I.T. nerd, Voice Actor, Owner of Gryphin.Art, and much more! Want to know just send me a message on discord if you are in the PoniesOnline Discord!